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Wax Accessories

Super Strips

A high quality 4 layer pre-cut non-woven strip which does not tear or stretch, ensuring no breakage of hairs. One strip can be used for entire lower leg.

300 pcs/box

Soft Strips

A good quality waffled waxing strip for face and body.

100 pcs cellophane wrapped

Pre Post Oil

A light refreshing Oil which can be applied under the wax to strengthen and hydrate the skin especially for those clients whose skin tends to lift. For post waxing, the oil will sooth, nourish, and remove any remaining wax.

16fl oz

Before Treatment

A pre-treatment gel to clean and remove any oil, make-up or persperation from the skin.

6.4 fl oz

Easy Clean

A very effective cleaning product for
waxing equipment, floor, table cover, and fabric (silk/ suede included).

16 fl oz

Antiseptic Soothing Creme

A soothing rich antiseptic cream with clove essential oils for reducing redness, with camphor and menthol for a cooling effect.

6 oz

Cool Finishing Gel

A fresh cooling gel for after waxing. Aloe Vera based with hydrating ingredients and the fresh
scent of lilies.

16fl oz